LPPC November Monthly Membership Meeting Minutes

LPPC November Monthly Membership Meeting Minutes November 16, 2017 I. Call to Order: 7:00 Opening Remarks Approval of Minutes – Approved Introductions – Jeremy Garver, Jeff and Judy Oppenberg, Tom Cuba, Daryle Hamel (Chair), Mark (region 8 and north district) Scott Shipman, and Bryan Zemina Tom mention his new book release – Wisdom, now available […]

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Randy Wiseman Certified by LPF
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (June 19, 2017): On Sunday morning, June 25, newly certified Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate Randy Wiseman will join the Libertarian Party of Pinellas County in St. Petersburg for the Pride Festival. NOTE: Sunday on-site media contact will be Wiseman2018 Greater Tampa Bay regional director Jeff Macolino (727-656-7293) Wiseman was vetted and certified as [...] Read More »

Are Libertarians Constitutionalists?

Nick Sarwark, Chair of the national Libertarian Party, was recently asked by Glenn Beck if Libertarians are Constitutionalists? Beck is a staunch advocate for the Constitution but he seemed to agree with Sarwark’s Libertarian perspective. (Entire interview with transcript can be found here.) Nick’s answer: “We support freedom. Every issue. Every time. If the Constitution supports […]

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Meet Marcos Miralles, 2017 Candidate for LPF Chair

Marcos Miralles for Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida

WHEN: SATURDAY FEB 18 @NOON WHERE: JUNGLE BILL’S TIKI GRILL ON GULF TO BAY IN CLEARWATER Marcos Miralles has served the Libertarian Party of Florida ever since he was old enough to vote. He has gone from a small, neighborhood volunteer to the spokesman and leader of one of the largest Libertarian Party affiliates in […]

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A Message from Our New Chair, Brian McLaughlin

Our New Chair

Hello folks … I’m Brian McLaughlin the neophyte LPPC Chair. I was asked by several people (whom you all know) to pursue this position and last night I had a resounding victory of 18-0 over NOTA. NOTA called to concede sometime shortly after midnight. He/she/they/it was/were gracious in defeat and wished the new Executive Committee […]

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KrisAnne Hall on State Sovereignty and the History of the Constitution

Renown liberty activist, constitutional attorney, disabled military veteran, author, speaker, radio host and Russian linguist will be in Pinellas County for two events. Both are open to the public. Children encouraged. $10 donation appreciated. State Sovereignty and the Duty of State and Local Representatives FRIDAY, NOV. 18, 7-8PM Tiffany’s Restaurant 35000 US Highway 19 N, […]

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Paul Stanton, US Candidate for Senate, Spends Election Night in St. Pete

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: For more information, contact: Brian McLaughlin | Media Director – Committee to elect Paul Stanton Email: brian@stanton2016.com | Twitter: @BrianMacWriter DELAND, Fla. (Aug. 29, 2016): Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Paul Stanton has his Tuesday primary plan squared away, and it will involve casting his vote early in his home county of Volusia, […]

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A Shining Star in a Time of Arrogance and Confusion

Growing Pains Libertarianism Advancing Towards Main Stream Many years ago I worked in a laboratory which was just starting to establish itself in the Orlando area. Business steadily picked up, and it was then that my boss noted something important. It is easy to run a small business, and it is easy to run a large […]

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Focus on Where We Are the Same

by Greg Bowen I want to talk to my Bernie Sanders people. This might be long, but please give me a few minutes of your time. I know what you guys are going through. I see you in pain, and I want to help. I recognize this because I’ve seen it before. Last election cycle […]

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America Needs Gary Johnson Right Now

Confessions of a Former Democrat Turned Libertarian by Joseph Richardson That isn’t just a pulse of political rhetoric. With three officers killed in Baton Rouge, after two weeks that have divided our country by racial strife and terrorism, we need someone to unite a country more divided than any time since the Civil War. We […]

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