LPPC August Monthly Membership Meeting Minutes

LPPC August Monthly Membership Meeting Minutes

August 17, 2017


  1. Call to Order- start 7:04pm
    1. Voluntary pledge lead by Joe Richardson
    2. Sign in, and new venue tonite as a test
    3. Introductions
    4. Harry Brown quote relevant to today re: using govt’ to avoid responsibility and livelihood; Our goal is to get candidates elected
  2. Officer Reports
    1. Secretary – All digital assets secured to the entity that is the party
    2. Treasurer – $100 donation from Brian M. ~200 for server resources spent, $1006 Balance
    3. Vice Chair – nothing to report at this time
    4. Chair – thanks for coming out.


  1. Speaker Intro – Jim Turney, fmr Chair LNC
    1. Suggested Google ideas: Russell Means, Karl Hess, Young Americans for Freedom, Sharon Statement, Tony Nathan, Roger McBride,  William F Buckley, Death of Politics, Ed Clark (candidate). Howard Carwile,
  2. Speaker Q.A –
  3. Region Rep Reports
    1. South – social event 8/29 in Undertow in St Pete,
    2. North – – event on 8/23 de Brine brewery Palm Harbor
    3. Central –
    4. At LArge – nothing to report

9 voters in attendance


  1. New Business
    1. At Large Representative Name Change – Scott motions, Gabe 2nd,
      1. Discussion – Jess Mears – At Large meant to fill in  with duties of other regional reps. Suggested to add new role rather than replace
      2. Motion to table to next meeting , called to vote – 9 votes to table.
    2. Motion to Amend ByLaws Motioned by Scott, 2nd by Jess
      1. Discussion –
      2. Motion to amend to new langage 9 votes to amend
      3. Call to vote – 8 for, 1 opposed
      4. New Language = “Membership in the LPPC is open to all individuals registered as LPF/Libertarian Party of PInellas County, who have attended at least 2 prior consecutive business/membership meetings over a 6 month interval.”
  2. Member’s Forum
  3. Adjournment – 8:24pm


Death Of Politics first published