LPPC November Monthly Membership Meeting Minutes

LPPC November Monthly Membership Meeting Minutes

November 16, 2017

I. Call to Order: 7:00

  1. Opening Remarks
  2. Approval of Minutes – Approved
  3. Introductions – Jeremy Garver, Jeff and Judy Oppenberg, Tom Cuba, Daryle Hamel (Chair), Mark (region 8 and north district) Scott Shipman, and Bryan Zemina
    1. Tom mention his new book release – Wisdom, now available on Barnes and Noble
    2. Region 8 Update – State to contribute to brian Zemina and Allison Foxall’s special election campaigns

II. Officer Reports

  1. Treasurer – Gabe (by proxy via Daryle) updated the amount in the bank account.
  2. Secretary – Updates to website to streamline Donations and add recurring donation payments, meeting minutes now publicly available on the website (menu item Events->Meeting Minutes), an online meeting attendance tracker was added as well.
  3. Chair – 3 focus points of the affiliate:
    1. Get candidates elected
    2. Get Volunteers with the ultimate goal of achieving #1
    3. Register citizens as LPF

There will be a Candidate Training Event in Jan / Feb – stay tuned for more details.

On Dec 11, the affiliate will sponsor a special event at The CopperShaker in St Pete. You buy your drinks, we pay for appetizers.

Presentation of potential changes to the affiliate bylaws. (see attached)

III. Candidate for State Rep District 58 Bryan Zemina presentation

IV. Member Open Forum

V. Adjournment – 8:13pm