LPPC October Monthly Membership Meeting Minutes


October 19, 2017


  1. Call to Order – 7:03
    1. Opening Remarks
    2. Approval of Minutes
      1. Get meeting minutes online by next month – Scott
      2. Table two motions
        1. At large to immediate past chair
        2. Membership language
    3. Intros
    4. Announcements
      1. Missed last months meeting because of hurricane Irma, however we did have a South district mtg. Goal – always 1 mtg a month, achieve 2 a month
      2. Susan Stanley – Adam Kokesh will be at Window Taphouse Tues Oct 24th (see eventbrite, facebook), “Taxation is Theft” lecture series
      3. Susan Stanley – Brian Zemina, Candidate for FL House, 75 day campaign whirlwind, 2500 registered LPF in district. District 58, NE Hillsborough. Watch Party on Dec 19th. Visit website bz4liberty.com. He will be on ch 8 Sunday morning.  
  2. Officer Reports
    1. Secretary – nothing new
    2. Treasurer – filed for quarter, $1169.56 in acct. * remove Pyrix and add Paypal recurring.
    3. Vice Chair – nothing to report (see later in agenda)
    4. Chair – brian and daryle in works, more details to come. Mtg in My PLace (formerly Jungle Bills) in clearwater moving forward – next mtg Nov 16
  3. Region Rep Reports
    1. South (Jeff) – next social city election eve monday Nov 6 at $5 Drinkery Central Ave; Family friendly bowling event on a sunday, nov 12 (tentative).
    2. Central (Joe)
    3. North (Mark) – via Jeff – 3-4 events being scheduled, 7th Sun Brewery Nov 1, Ash House on 49th Wed Nov 15th, LIberty Social at deBine Nov 29th, and maybe 3rd Friday Safety Harbor (tentative)
    4. At Large – (brian) – excused absence
  4. Director At Large – Russ Wood
    1. Radical Caucus
      1. “Radical caucus” – the libertarian wing of the libertarian party. Snarky? Arrogant?
      2. Radical – (n) one who advocates change…
        1. Going to the root or source, keeper of the flame of liberty
      3. Keep the party (statement of) principles and be relevant.
      4. Memberships, no dues, no requirements.  access to info.
      5. Voting membership – paid dues, req: part of national party
      6. Statement of principles: http://www.lpradicalcaucus.org/platform
      7. Meeting on October 21st Tampa, Amberlea Drive. https://www.facebook.com/fllrpc/?hc_ref=ARRLsaPKRW6hBnE4eIt_oP5v1amCU0nvvlmcNLmdXtklpFjY2GEVf_Plml6p4Ppx5Xg
  5. LP Development Coordinator  / Foxall Campaign Manager Jess Mears
    1. Foxall for Florida
      1. District 72
      2. Lead candidate is James Buchanon,
      3. Goal is to raise 30k, raised 5k so far.
      4. Need people to walk neighborhoods or donate
  6. LPPC Canvassing Overview – Matthew Skopek
    1. Voters, Registration and Volunteering
      1. Plan to handshake and knock on doors with people based on florida voter data lists
      2. Need marketing leave behinds, door hangers etc
  7. Adjournment  


Notes – during the region rep discussions it was mentioned that also, we will be updating collateral, more details in the next monthly mtg.


Some exec members met at a toastmasters meeting. Daryle suggest libertarians attend.


Rant night – Kevin O’Niel hosts these – last tuesday of the month, Windmill Taphouse in Brandon.


Adjouned at 8:10pm