Meet The LPPC’s New Leadership

DaryleHamel-Pinellas LibertarianMatthewSkopekDaryle Hamel (Ballotpedia page) – a former primary candidate for Florida State House – was unanimously elected by the LPPC as the newest chairman at a June 22 special election. Hamel is very involved in the Pinellas County civic and business community and has been involved with Libertarian campaigns in the past.

Also elected was new vice-chairman Matthew Skopek (Ballotpedia page), the former state chairman of Illinois and former candidate for Illinois Treasurer who nearly hit the 150,000-vote mark and still holds the third highest LP vote total for statewide office in Illinois history.

Hamel and Skopek are the new leaders of the second largest Libertarian county affiliate in the state, in terms of registered Libertarians. Neighboring Hillsborough is the largest county affiliate, by that criteria.