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Registration vs. Membership

Registration Versus Membership

Register to Vote as a Libertarian

LP, LPF, and LPPC? Confusing? Yes, we know.

LPF Party Affiliation

LPF Party Affiliation

In Pinellas County, you may register to vote and change your party affiliation at any of three Supervisor of Elections offices, any public library or armed forces recruitment office, or through another verified third party registrar (like the LPPC).

As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you may register as a Libertarian in Florida by indicating your political party affiliation as “Libertarian” on the voter registration application. The Libertarian Party of Florida is not considered a “major party”, meaning the number of registered Libertarians in the state is less than 5% of all voters registered in Florida. Because of this, our party does not have a checkbox on the ballot with the name “Libertarian Party”. To register Libertarian, one must check the “Minor Political Party” box and write in the word(s) “Libertarian”, “Libertarian Party of Florida”, or the abbreviation “LPF”.


Just because you are registered as a Libertarian, does not automatically make you a member of either LP National or LP of Florida. It does, however, automatically permit you to be a delegate and a voting member of the LP of Pinellas County, which is an affiliate of the LPF.

Libertarian Party of Pinellas: County

As long as you are registered in Pinellas county as a Libertarian, you are considered a voting member of the LPPC. You may be an honorary, non-voting member of the affiliate and hold a committee chair position if you are a registered Libertarian residing in Pinellas county part of the year. All of our meetings are open to the public and membership is free.

Libertarian Party of Florida: State

If you would like to be a member of the state Libertarian Party of Florida, you don’t need to be registered as a Libertarian. You simply need to complete the LPF membership application and sign the non-aggression principle (the NAP), certifying that you oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals. Membership is free.

Libertarian Party: National

If you would like to be a member of the national Libertarian Party, you must complete the LP National membership application and certify that you oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals (the NAP).