Pinellas LP Officer Tapped For State Party Region Rep Position

BY BRIAN MCLAUGHLIN LPPC COMMUNICATIONS Mark Rodriguez, an officer in the Libertarian Party of Pinellas County, has been appointed by the state chairman to represent Region 8. The appointment was made official during the Oct. 1 statewide meeting. Rodriguez, the LPPC’s North Region rep, was asked several weeks ago by LPF chair Marcos Miralles to […]

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Second Pinellas Libertarian Appointed to Local Post


BY BRIAN MCLAUGHLIN LPPC Communications PINELLAS LIBERTARIANS – JUNE REPORT One of the key 2017 initiatives for the Libertarian Party of Pinellas County is to try to get as many members into appointed local positions as possible. It isn’t the first time this has been a goal of Pinellas Libertarians, but there has been some […]

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