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GOAL: Reach Major Party Status

The more voters who register Libertarian, the closer we get to being a “major party” which, in and of itself, is a huge deal. It will guarantee the LPF gets its own checkbox on the voter registration form, which would lead to more voters registering Libertarian. It would also help level the playing field, presumably allowing Libertarian candidates more equal footing in election activities, voter guides, media coverage, and candidate debates.

How to Register to Vote as a Libertarian

There are several ways to register to vote or switch your political party affiliation:

It takes 2-3 days for the new registration to appear in the database once the SOE receives the application.

Where to Register: You may register to vote by completing the application and delivering it in person or by mail to any supervisor of elections’ office, office that issues driver’s licenses, or voter registration agency (public assistance office, center for independent living, office serving persons with disabilities, public library, or armed forces recruitment office) or the Division of Elections. Mailing addresses are on page 2 of the voter registration form.

Also, since the LPPC is an official third party voter registration agency, please ask for one of our registrars to take your application at our next meet-up. We will be happy to assist you to register regardless of your party affiliation.

Instructions: how to register to vote or how to switch party affiliation.

A VOICE in the Libertarian Party

In addition, you personally will be permitted voting rights and a voice in the direction of the Libertarian Party of Pinellas County, the Libertarian Party of Pinellas, and the National Libertarian Party. You will be permitted to run for an elected or appointed office as a Libertarian, may earn the endorsement of the LP, and you may also become a delegate to the conventions of both the LPF and LP National. If you aren’t a registered Libertarian, you may partake in activities but you won’t be able to vote or hold a leadership position within the party.


Don’t let anyone tell you that registering third party will shut you out of the primaries. That simply is not true. You will be able to vote for a candidate in a primary when two or more Libertarians vie for the same office. But, as with any party affiliation, during a primary, you may only vote for candidates in your party. You may vote for whomever you wish, regardless of party affiliation, during the general election. Even if there are no candidates running in a primary, there are still usually ballot initiatives, amendments, referenda, or other items upon which to vote.