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October Meeting Minutes - 10/17/2019

Written by secretary on Oct 17, 2019

  1. 7:00pm - CALL TO ORDER - Mark Rodriguez called to order 7:02pm - Sebastian seconded
    1. Minutes - September
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    2. Introductions
      1. Mark Rodriguez
      2. Sebastian Blumberg
      3. Michael Culligan
      4. Suzy Debuhr
      5. Brett Bittner
      6. Sioux Hart
      7. Samantha Cunningham
      8. Samantha Broderick
      9. Stephen-Paul Deiter
      10. Jason Vargas
      11. Leigh McConagy
      12. Celicia Slafter
      13. Marcia Powell
      14. Winston Kaowell
    3. Announcements
      1. Skipped
  2. 7:10pm - OFFICER REPORTS
    1. Chairman
      1. We had a Libertarian birthday party. There is another one on December 12th. It is an informal gathering, plan on that going forward. ecanvass is an application list so when it is campaign season, it can create address and voter registration to target certain areas. Should be in the next week. Put in a request for speakers to come by. We are finalizing conversations to have them come by. We also had a candidates forum as well as school board forum. We want to be an informative peice, not necessarily activists. A lot of us that I find, it took time. Little study and people find out they are Libertarian.
    2. Secretary - Issues with last month. Saw that there was facebook posts that were hitting over 30,000 reach natural.
    3. Treasurer - Waiting for some Paypal things to clear over. We have over $1800 in the bank. 
  3. 7:25pm - NEW BUSINESS
    1. None yet.
    1. 3 things we talked about in last months meeting.
      1. Brett Mitner spoke:
        1. Spending the money
        2. Voter listing - can hold open house, listening tours in each area of the county. We can utilize the data to mail postcards. Volunteer events. Engage affiliate. Introduce in helping national, show them how doner money is spent, give opportunity to give again. Email, phone, et cetera.
        3. Registered Libertarians in the county.
        4. Regarding membership - it's frictionless to grow it. It seems that you just have to register as a Libertarian Party of Florida. Then you become a member of the county and the state. The sales funnel is very wide. This means we can maximize our engagement because we share through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. We touched on a problem with Mailchimp, we logged into mine, could send a plain text email, the effectiveness of doing that is increasing. Instead of a 10% open rate, you get closer to a 40-50% open rate.
        5. The only current event for 2019 which happened in June.
        6. For pride, what are we doing for 2020? Now is the time to reserve a booth with 8 month lead time, I've handled it in Georgia. I've done it in Indiana. It's a really big event for me. We have a huge outreach opportunity. For new business of next month, we have game plan. In addition to having a voter registration list, we can use the world's smallest political quiz.
  5. 7:50pm - OPEN FORUM
    1. ???????Stephen-Paul Deiter
      1. Does the LP have a youth wing?
        1. There is a division.
      2. Are we dealing with the Students for Liberty and the YAL?
        1. Yes we are following up with that.
      3. Does the LPPC have lines of communications with those organizations?
        1. We don't have any at the moment. We have tried to reach some of them in the journalist departments. We are trying to catch up to see if they are interested in writing about us. In the LPF there was a small group that would find people who were more receptive. Something we are looking into.
    2. Michael Culligan
      1. Wanted to see if we could go back to it. We got people spots on the quads and people brought their whole setups and tent. We got a bunch of students to sign up. We were on the verge of setting up a Libertarian group at SPC. Got to get a solid group of 8 people. As soon as someone graduates they have to leave. It is still in its infancy.
      2. We could go with the SPC arts auditorium to allow them to set up the auditorium on how we are going to have to word the objectives of the guest speaker.
    3. Jason Vargas
      1. Wife likes to throw huge parties, kids listen to 94.1 for 200 dollars the whole crew will come out for $1000.
    4. Celicia Slafter
      1. Have you heard of the Tuttle Twins books? I wanted to hold a concert event, perhaps for children to buy Tuttle Twins books to donate to the local libraries.
    5. Marcia Powell
      1. Tuttle Twins books are for children and have a Libertarian side.
      2. I have a postcard that is in spanish. A couple of weeks ago I found out the Hillsborough chapter with Kevin and Susan, they were having a get together on 5g and smart meters. What it does is it shows 5 issues. It's good to know that those are there and that we should probably order them from National.
      3. Hillsborough Libertarians has a card.
      4. Winston is going to talk about 5G.
      5. I have been hearing about this for years how smart meters on your house are not a good thing. Duke said they're going to be put smart meters in your neighborhood.
  6. 8:00pm - ADJOURNMENT