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January Meeting Minutes - 1/23/2020

Written by secretary on Jan 24, 2020

  1. CALL TO ORDER – (Call to order on 7:05pm – Mark Rodriguez, Sebastian Blumberg seconded)
    1. Introductions
      1. Mark Rodriguez – Chairman
      2. Sebastian Blumberg – Secretary
      3. Marcia Powell – Clearwater, active Libertarian
      4. Matthew Skopek – Vice Chair
      5. Dave Gettis – no affiliation. Protest constitutional issues on water supply
      6. Sue Hardt – Clearwater – Libertarian for 3 years. Artist. Tutor.
      7. Michael Culligan – Professor. Libertarian since the 90s.
      8. Susan Debuhr – 10 years  Libertarian, dental hygienist.
      9. Brett Bittner – Libertarian party member 15 years. Small Business owner.
      10. Laura Hartman – Combat vet. Libertarian since serving. Registering independent, registered  party 2 years ago.
      11. Lee McConaghy – retired, active on/off since 1976
      12. Marty Mashall – arrived from California, constitutional person, not Libertarian
      13. Hannah Vargas – wife of Joe. Special ed teacher. No political preference
      14. Jason Vargas – worked in Ron Paul campaign. Worked for Lockheed Martin. Libertarian at the helm.
      15. Eric Olson – moved here from Minnesota.
    2. Minutes – November
      1. (See previous meeting minutes) Brett Bittner motioned to approve. Marcia Powel seconded.
    1. Chairman – Thank you for coming to party. Had a lot of feedback from people. They are thinking about doing the same thing. Nice social event, met good people. Going to be having a candidates forum, putting out their points, Q&A. A year and a half ago had a schoolboard forum. Want to be more involved. People who are on the fence who are lurking and watching.
    2. Secretary – If you want me to redact anything  let me know.
    3. Treasurer –
      1. Have about $1,617.00 in account
      2. People donating monthly.
    1. Officer Elections (Secret ballot if more than one person running for seat)
      1. Officers
        1. Chairman
          1. Marcia wants to run: The new place will have a room all to ourselves, it will be quiet yay! So first of all, my work history with a masters in music education. Worked with the church of Scientology. Then 7 years a legal secretary, then ran a scientology dating service. Choir director in L.A., became a sustainable farmer and currently a piano teacher. I’ve been in a leadership position. Attended Illinois libertarian convention
            1. 2014 appointed deputy secretary of state.
            2. Participated in state SOC
            3. Paying member of national party
            4. In several booths
            5. Procured 562 signatures for ballot access
            6. Arranged for Illinois signs
            7. Headed up secretary before moving to Florida
              Attended 90% of the monthly meetings.
            8. Helped man the booths.
            9. Attended LP in Oldsmar flea market
            10. Many many more.
            11. Question: Are you familiar with seminar 1?
              1. No. it was created in the late 80s and early 90s where they spread Libertarian ideas.
          2. Mark Rodriguez – running for chair.
            1. Been chairman for a year. There have been growing pains. Adjustments to getting things done. Were only about 6 people. We’ve had some growth, we’ve had more leadership as we’ve grown. I’m not an idealist, I don’t throw big names. I know when things are right and wrong. Trying to approach it being the public face. I want to keep things going. I want the messaging to get out getting more involved and active.

              I want to keep the momentum going. We’re doing really well. We’ve had school board events, have plans for website, podcast and videos. We need to have our message being better than before, especially we need to be way out there. As far as chair, I want to keep guiding the ship and move it forward if you will let me.
            2. What do you have in mind for the 2020 year for the party?
              1. I want to get messaging out there, they do not know who we are and I want to go to more events, gun shows, spoke with state party to be there at the state fair, donate funds, have candidates. Pinellas county should be the head of the snake. We have more Libertarians in Pinellas than any others.
            3. Brett Bittner moved to close nominations, Soux Hardt moved to seconded.
            4. RESULTS:
              1. 9 – Mark
              2. 2 – Marcia
              3. 1 – None of the above
            5. Mark Rodriguez is chair for the next year.
        2. Vice-Chair – motion to close.
          1. Marcia nominated for vice chair by Matthew Skopek, seconded by Brett Bittner
          2. Matt Skopek nominated for vice chair by Brett Bittner, declined.
          3. Laura nominates Jason Vargas for nomination. Accepted. Seconded by Brett Bittner
          4. Jason Vargas got 6
          5. Marcia Powell got 6
          6. Would like a motion to suspend the rules in favor of a coin-flip.
            1. Mark Rodriguez motioned to suspend. Seconded by Lee.
            2. Coin submitted by Lee. Marcia calls for heads. Heads is General Ford’s head, tails is Statue of liberty
            3. Landed heads. Marcia officially vice-chair.
        3. Secretary
          1. Sebastian Blumberg because he has a WPM of 90. Seconded by Brett Bittner.
          2. Moved to close nominations by Brett Bittner, seconded by Laura.
          3. Sebastian Blumberg is secretary.
        4. Treasurer
          1. Sebastian nominates Matthew Skopek. Accepted the role.
          2. Nominations closed by Brett Bittner. Seconded by Laura.
          3. Matt Skopek is now treasurer.
        5. Thanks to Brett Bittner knowing all the policies required through this process.
    2. Scheduling of February Social
      1. Want to have a hang-out social. February. Because it is January, we want to be thinking about the Pride parade. Within 60 days the booths were gone. Want to be there an hour or two for a meet and greet. Next there is a billboard or signage that we want. Signs everywhere, why not try to set up a sign?
      2. Paddle Pub might be able to help.
    3. Pride 2020 Initial Planning
    4. Billboard/Signage across town
    5. Outreach – Find Libertarian leaning businesses
    6. Donation drive
    7. State fair – we’re going to have a lot of candidates running. Senate seats and presidential candidates. Trying to gauge how many can come to the state fair here, donating funds for a booth. Other affiliates to be there. State fair is usually in Tampa. The date of the state fair is before the Orlando convention. Going to be on Feb 6th-17th 2020.
    1. No comments or questions.
    1. Motion to change our location. Holding Mark accountable on the third Thursday of February at the Rapp Brewery - 10930 Endeavour Way, Seminole, FL 33777. Feb 20th 2020.
  6. ADJOURNMENT – Marcia moves to adjourn, Matt seconded  on 8:10pm.