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February Meeting Minutes - 2/20/2020

Written by secretary on Feb 21, 2020

  1. CALL TO ORDER – 7:16pm call to order by Mark Rodriguez – Sebastian seconded
    1. Motion to amend the agendas
    2. Introductions
      1. Mark Rodriguez
      2. Marcia Powell – New vice chair
      3. Samantha Cunningham
      4. Laura Hartman
      5. Brett Bittner
      6. Susan Debuhr
      7. Mike Culligan
      8. Sioux Hardt
      9. Stephen Paul Dieter
      10. Sebastian Blumberg
      11. Eric Olson
    3. Minutes – Approval of January – approved by Brett Bittner, seconded by Steven Paul Deiter
    4. Special Announcements
      1. None at this time
    1. Chairman – Candidate forum last month
      1. Thank you for moderating and providing. We got a lot of positive feedback. Going forward, those that didn’t attend, we’re looking forward to it.
    2. Vice-Chair
      1. Part of it with Michael, being a professor at the  university it gives us status at the university.  Afterwords Samantha Mike Maninos wife, she just raved about how professional it was. Know that I think we upped our reputation. We should do more and better later on. I think you know that I was pushing to have a booth at the state fair. Brian is a regional rep and he was in favor of having a  booth. Steven Nekhila determined we didn’t have the money, which was around $1600 or the manpower which is an 11 day fair.

        She wanted to go to it, a big expo hall was there. The expo hall, going up and down, looking for the Democratic booth and Republican booth. There were two trump booths. As I chatted with people, I went home, my current evaluation it’s probably not worth it at this time. If the state party determined it should be done at a certain year. We should plan 6 months in advance and then maybe have the man power to do this.

        Tonight there is 11 people. In January we had 15, up from the average of 12. Tonight is only 11. The statistic is most important to track is the number of registered Libertarians in Pinellas county. We want to keep this stat keep going up. I finally just sent an email to the county and have this lovely lady who will automatically send me this stat on the 15th of each month. Went down from 2,375 down to 2,371.

        Mark can give a Facebook statistic.
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
      1. We have $1,536 in the bank. We spent 125 on the candidate forum and more for the Christmas party.
    1. Plans for social
      1. Maybe in the next couple days meet up like we did on the candidate forum. We would like to have a social.
      2. Sunday hang out 1st of March at Rapp Brewing @ 2pm.
    2. Plans for St. Petersburg Pride festival
      1. June 27th will be the parade, June 28th is the festival.
      2. We will be meeting at Rapp Brewing Company, Monday 6pm to discuss this. 2/24/2020. 10930 Endeavour Way, Seminole, FL 33777
    3. Donation drive
    4. Ideas to drive membership – door to door, mailers, ads, etc
    5. Discussion of social events (amended)
    6. Open for volunteers to new positions within the new county affiliate (amended)
      1. Outreach director. We can make an outreach director. We need to create the position before we can nominate someone for it. We eliminated positions for it, we can allow people to do moves without election.
      2. We’re going to let Laura to be outreach, not communication. Outreach needs access to the email to do what she needs to do. Brett Bittner would love to serve as a communications role for the county affiliate. We want to have timely announcements for social and business.
    1. Sioux Hardt – I am not inclined to come back to a meeting if we meet here at the Rapp brewing company. Cannot hear. It’s further away, can’t hear, there’s noise in the background. Because there was an event earlier in the happy hour, they did not clear the event.
    2. Out of 2370 Libertarians, we are not cause over them, we are not doing the mailchimp list. The CRM is a whole big program that national is rolling out of the US. Shooting an email, we are in process of having that and it’s working, that is going to help us reach this.
  5. OPEN FORUMS FOR GUESTS – Brett Bittner moved to adjourn. Steven Paul Deiter seconded 8:06pm