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May Meeting Minutes - 5/21/2020

Written by secretary on May 21, 2020

Libertarian Party of Pinellas County Business Meeting

  1. CALL TO ORDER – Call to order by Sebastian Blumberg 7:02pm – Seconded by Stephen Paul Deiter
    1. Introductions – Discord Meeting
      1. Mark Rodriguez
      2. Samantha Cunningham
      3. Stephen-Paul Dieter
      4. Sebastian Blumberg
      5. Laura Ann Hartman
      6. Marcia Powell
    2. Minutes – No Minutes to approve for April (Covid Related)
      1. No minutes to approve of for April. Covid has intervened in our daily lives.  We are all trying to be as free as we possibly can.
  2. Officer Reports
    1. Chairman – There was not a lot of activity that could be done during Covid. Things are slowly opening up a bit more. Visited a gentleman called Eric Flank. In constant contact with Clay Montgomery who does tattoos.  As we know that the decisions the state has made, he is not allowed to have customers but we can have 350 people at Walmart.

      Kitchen Table Games owner was arrested for having his business open. He was unable to conduct business but it was fine running around in a Walmart.
    2. Vice-Chair – I had a study party at my house with a very short hat on the basics of Libertarianism. We’re working on checksheet number 2 and number 3. Trying to draw new people in.  I sent in an article with an idea where it could be published. Stephen OK’d it. Daniel said that it should be published as a newsletter.  Last night when people were testing Zoom online. I asked if the money I paid can it be applied to the second convention.

      They decided to do a convention next weekend so we can choose our presidential nominees and so then they are having the business part of the convention sometime in July when the lockdown is going to end.
    3. Secretary – The city of St. Pete is looking to reschedule the Pride Parade where we purchased a booth.  Many events are going to be recouping what they lost. Everyone is going to be fighting to pack everything they missed in the first half of the year. St. Pete Pride Parade has been cancelled
    4. Treasurer – $2675 in Reserve. Matt is not here. We have at the moment $2675 in reserve. We’ve had good reservation. We have funds to do a couple of interesting things and go do something nice.
  3. New Business
    1. Mark: At the moment we don’t have any new business as of yet. We want to plan out what we can do to get messaging out there. There is an election year. This entire covid response has been a dumpster fire. Maybe in the next week or so we can brainstorm ideas. Currently we have 2700 available. We can start pushing out things from here to November.  This is the most expensive political campaign on our dime.  Marcia would like to spend money on a new tent. We want a nice proper new tent.
  4. Open Members/Members – started 7:41pm, seconded by Mark Rodriguez
    1. There is a debate tonight. It will be starting 8pm eastern.
    2. We want to put a tent in there.
    3. Get welcome cards.
  5. Mark Rodriguez called to adjourn. Seconded by Stephen-Paul Dieter 7:45pm