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2/18/2021 - February Business Meeting Minutes

Written by secretary on Feb 23, 2021

Meeting Minutes – February 2021
Thursday, February 18, 2021
7p EST

1. Call to Order - Bittner (7:06 PM)
2. Quorum Confirmation - Stevens
      a. Brett Bittner – Chairperson
      b. Jazmine Herrera – Vice Chairperson
      c. Nathan Stevens – Secretary
      d. Camilo Colina – Treasurer
      e. Christian Boston
      f. Marcia Powell
      g. Lee McConaghy
      h. John Walker
      i. Michael Culligan
3. Member Comment - Any Member
4. Officer Reports
      a. Chairperson - Bittner
         i. Successful transition of bank account
         ii. Successful officer meeting
         iii. Communications software working
         iv. Turnover of new officer information with County, State & LPF completed
         v. Updated voter data information obtained
      b. Vice-Chairperson - Herrera
         i. Bill recommendations of state bills in Florida State Congress
         ii. Intraparty relations with other LPF affiliates
            1. Public events
            2. Social events
         iii. Opinion pieces in local newspapers/radio
         iv. Local Events and Volunteering
         v. Merch design
      c. Secretary - Stevens
         i. Slack
         ii. Social Media engagement (Last 28 days)
            1. People Reached- 2765 (down 57%)
            2. Post Engagements- 581 (up 169%)
            3. Page Likes- 25 (up 127%)
      d. Treasurer - Colina
         i. January Report released
         ii. $2801.50 in reserves
         iii. Looking at a new payment processor
5. Convention Minutes Approval - Stevens
      a. Approval Motioned by McConaghy
         i. Seconded by Camilo Colina
            1. Ayes- 5
            2. Nays – 0
            3. Motion Passes
6. Payment Solution Discussion - Colina
      a. All credit card processors take a fee
      b. Paypal takes a larger fee than other solutions
      c. Motion to empower the Treasurer to look into new payment processor options
           and move the party to a new payment processor service by Stevens.
         i. Second by Culligan
            1. Ayes- 8
            2. Nays- 0
            3. Motion passes
7. Events Discussion - Herrera
      a. Coffee Social with Prof. Steven Horwitz
         i. March 6th, 2021
         ii. 9am EST
      b. Chat with Former LNC chair Nick Sarwark
         i. April 10th, 2021
         ii. 8am EST
8. Member Comment - Any Member
9. Announcements
10. Adjournment to Socialize
      a. Motioned by Stevens
         i. Second from Powell
            1. Ayes-8
            2. Nays-0
            3. Motion Passes